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Hello everyone and welcome to the page (in my opinion) the most important of this site. I kindly ask you to read it carefully, as information is important to understand who we are and the policy we adopt.

The first thing you need to know is that the eclisse club (private association liberty to fly) is a club privé, (but you already know this, it’s is written on each page of the site) but the question is:

you know exactly what a swinger club is?

So, let’s start by understanding that a swinger club is a private club and you can attend it only if you are currently a member, you have to go in person a first time to the club, and after the desired and required information you must submit a written request to become a member.

The private club is a place where you can get acquainted with people who live the same ideas of transgression, and do it freely, not having to fight with the false morality that surrounds us in everyday life, a club is a place where if you like, you can stay on the sidelines with a drink, listening to the music, dancing, singing, you can also just do exhibitionism, in short: you do and you act (always respecting other people’s ideas and sexual beliefs) doing what you want and because you feel it is what you want. Transgression will be desired and not forced. (everything happens inside a club is free, absolutely voluntary and without coercion)

The club is attended by swingers, understood man / woman (who may be a husband and wife, lovers, boy-and-girlfriends, acquaintances, friends, etc. etc. We are not interested in the nature of their union) and individuals (as single men and single women) where no discrimination will be made, provided that the attendance is for pure fun and not mercenary.

You must also know (concerning couples, although it’s not a rule) that usually people come to the attendance of the private club after a sexual life where they play their own fantasies and usually they approach to this world after they reach their 35 years. So, if you are a young aged couple, this world will not have much to offer you, if you consider youth and physicality as the main points of interest in an approach; in a club privé, age and physicality do not have too much importance, what you live (even if going into physical) is mainly a brain game.

If you are single, you have to know that in this world nothing is obvious, and especially by the club nothing is owed or guaranteed, all depends on the kind of approach, this is what will lead to the achievement of your expectations; definitely important will be education, respect for people and their ideas, and their transgressions (the couple will lead the game). Basic are cleanliness and personal hygiene, remember what your target is. If you are looking for young and available couples, do not waste time looking for them here, as, sure, you could be lucky and find them, but it would be exclusively luck, you would find yourself in the right evening in the right club.

How to approach:

If you are a couple: when another couple or a single approach to the woman in your couple touching her, do not forget the erotic nature of the private club, in this kind of place it is reasonable to propose (clearly: with tact and education) but if you don’t like the idea of gaming with someone, it’s enough to ward off with a simple gesture the person in question.

If you are single and you like the woman in a couple, remember: it’s not the case you approach her too directly and regardless of him, better you introduce yourself and make conversation with both in the couple, trying to understand if the man in the couple agrees, as it’s very difficult a woman gets a swinger contact with you if her husband doesn’t agree.

And …. also very importantly is: avoid talking loudly commenting on other people, avoid the use of mobile phones and cameras, (now phones make pictures and movies which could be sent on web very quickly, so it happens that club members get scared) and not less important, avoid the abuse of alcohol, and true that it helps getting uninhibited, but it also creates many unwanted side effects, both on your character and on your performance.

This is what we think you should know to be in a position – partially, at least – to know and learn about a reality in my opinion beautiful, and to live it with the right awareness, and using the imagination that allows you to dream and, why not, perhaps to transform dreams into reality.

- As I always say, we will be happy to let you know, when and if you like,

“THE club prive”

See you soon

Paolo and Lyuba